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Hope you like the new look; please me if you like it; if you don't like it; if you have any suggestions; if any of the links on these pages don't work anymore; or just to say hi. Now, the rest of the stuff.

I'm a staff director at WLS-TV, which is the Disney/ABC-owned television station in Chicago.

I should not fail to mention that these pages are strictly personal and have no connection to WLS-TV, ABC-TV, or the Walt Disney company, which now owns our station and company. I'm also a member of the Directors Guild of America, and I serve on the Chicago Coordinating Committee and Eastern Directors Council.

Other stuff you should know: I'm a big baseball fan in general, and more specifically of the Chicago Cubs. On my baseball page you'll find the 2004 Bottom-of-the-Heap Awards. There are baseball links including new, updated major league team links. You can also read a separate page about the Society for American Baseball Research; I've been a member since 1983, where you can also find my latest research update, on the all-time major league baseball standings, complete through the 2004 season.

Another interest of mine is genealogy; I have done a great deal of research into my own family history, some of which you can find if you go to my genealogy page. I've also included some links that could get you started if you are interested.

Some more family stuff... I'm married and have two children, ages 12 & 9; my wife is originally from Winnipeg, Canada.

Thanks to the folks at the NewMedia Marketing Lab at Sun Microsystems, Inc. for the scrolling applets on the top of all the other pages. Their site is now closed, but you can visit the author's site for more cool applets.

And finally, something really important to me, and I hope to you too... radical baseball realignment and contraction, which fortunately didn't happen this year, but still might. Click here for an article on why this is a terrible idea.

One more ... any corporate logos used here are displayed simply to make the page look better and not for any profit-making purpose. So there.

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